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National Cherry Festival App, MapChecker App, IMAGIN Conference App

MapChecker: Apple, Google Play and Windows Stores

MapChecker is a mobile tool designed to examine the status of underlying resources for web mapping sites, being particularly designed for use with Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL), Esri Portal for ArcGIS and Geocortex Essentials. This tool will report on the status of AGOL and Portal Web Maps and Geocortex Essentials Sites and the underlying services and features. Simple flags indicate up/down status with additional information, and error messages for problem resources to help diagnose any issues.  

The best news is MapChecker Basic is FREE on the app stores for use with public sites and publicly available resources. Sites that implement authentication can be checked with a simple in-app subscription purchase for MapChecker Pro. Click below to download from your mobile phone. 

IMAGIN Conference : Apple, Google and Windows Stores

We have built many apps for conferences and events. We like to think of this as an "everything anyone would need" in our app production process. We take the time to work with event managers to ensure that the end user experience is top notch. This particular app included all events, speakers and bios, things to do in the area and many other informational items designed for attendees that are not from the area. We also incorporated Esri story maps to really bring this app to life. The process starts at concept, works through wire frame and ends at publication. Our job is to make you look great! Call or contact us for an evaluation. Click below to download from your mobile phone. 

National Cherry Festival 

The National Cherry Festival is an app that was truly designed from the end user's perspective. We worked to ensure that ALL information that was available in many areas was also available in one easy to use app. Festival goers enjoy a look at every event, time, location, directions and more. All ticket purchases for concerts, shows and special events can be made easily in this mobile friendly format. This app was rated in the top 200 for use last year in July the United States and has roughly 40,000 users with over 1,500,000 page views. What does this mean? We design mobile applications that people find value in and use often. Call or contact us for an evaluation. Click below to download from your mobile phone. 
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