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InfoGeographics Navigator 2.0 for Geocortex Essentials

Geocortex Essentials users and administrators need to effectively manage the many components and resources that are built using this powerful web mapping software. This is especially true when multiple instances of Geocortex Essentials are installed and distinct sites, services, workflows, reports, viewers, etc are developed within them. 

InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials (INGE) rapidly determines and displays all of these elements and their relationships, then can launch specific components on demand, or search for components across all instances of Geocortex Essentials (GE).

InfoGeographics is offering this powerful utility at no cost as a way to promote our deep knowledge of Geocortex Essentials, our web mapping, and ArcGIS consulting expertise, and our in-house developed software products, Address Quality Extension and GeoConnector. Do you:
  • Need to keep track of your different GE instances?
  • Spend too much time finding what site is in a specific GE instance?
  • Need to be sure what configuration elements are tied to which site?
  • Wish you could quickly find and launch GE applications and file system locations?
  • Need to quickly find and launch the instance specific GE designer applications for Workflow, Report and Print Templates?
  • Wish you had a quick way to find and launch registered viewers for a site in a specific GE instance?
  • Need to be able to search and find all map services and workflows across all local and remote instances?
InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials 2.0 gives you these capabilities and allows you to be more productive. Please visit the Features section below to see how.


  • Quickly see the name and version number of all locally installed or remote Geocortex Essentials instances
  • See all of the configured Geocortex Essentials sites hosted on the selected instance in the site explorer
  • Inspect high-level site configuration elements using the site explorer including:
  1. Map services
  2. Layer reports
  3. Print templates
  4. Workflows
  5. Site references
  6. Viewers
  • One-click launching of key instance-specific Geocortex essentials applications and file system locations
  • Context menu driven tools for key high-level site configuration elements within the site explorer such as:
  1. Open workflow, report and print template files directly in their associated designer applications
  2. Quickly visit important URI's for select site configuration elements
  3. Open registered viewers
  • Quickly and easily search all configured map services and all configured workflows within all sites in local and remote instances

Important Information on InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials (INGE)

What are INGE's system requirements?
Windows Operating Systems running Microsoft, .NET, and Framework 4.0. INGE is designed to run directly on a Geocortex Essentials host machine, so if the machine is running Geocortex Essentials, it can run INGE.

What versions of Geocortex Essentials does INGE support?
INGE has been tested with Geocortex Essentials 3.7 thru 4.1.2. INGE does not have any dependencies on version specific Geocortex Essentials components.

Can I use INGE to modify my Geocortex Essentials configurations?
No. INGE is entirely read-only at this point. Geocortex Essentials provides great configuration tools, INGE just makes it easier to get to them.

Can I use INGE on my desktop and connect it to remote Geocortex Essentials instances?
Yes.  Included in the release of 2.0,  INGE  reads Geocortex Essentials instances running on the local host . We have now added the ability to connect to  remote Geocortex Essentials REST endpoints to allow their high-level configuration elements to be browsed in the Site Explorer.


The ArcGIS suite of products and data offers the most complete and overarching set of GIS application tools and data products available from any software maker in the world. InfoGeographics has been an Esri-authorized business partner and value-added reseller (VAR) since its inception. InfoGeographics routinely helps our clients plan for and implement this technology in their workplace. Some of the major offerings for ArcGIS are:
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Many more!
To learn more about Esri, click here.
Contact us to set up a live demo and see how ArcGIS can work for you!

ArcGIS Products

There are literally thousands of features and capabilities of the ArcGIS Suite. Please visit Esri's website here to explore these many uses of geospatial technologies. As an Esri value-added reseller, InfoGeographics is licensed to offer the following products:

Geocortex by Latitude Geographics

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. is a Canadian based Internet Geography firm. Their core business focus is the Geocortex Internet Mapping suite of products to make web mapping simpler and more efficient. InfoGeographics is a Latitude Business Partner and Authorized Implementer, and assists in purchasing and implementing GeoCortex Essentials and Optimizer for ArcGIS Server. When using ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online, Geocortex helps you do more with faster implementation, at less cost and risk, and with better results. To learn more about Geocortex, click here.

Contact us to see how InfoGeographics can help make Geocortex work for you.

Geocortex Features and Components

Geocortex has hundreds of configurable tools, features, and capabilities. Some of the more prominent feature areas and components are:
  • Geocortex Manager - uses the Spatial Data Infrastructure and easy to use configuration-based interface (no programming necessary) to centralize building and management of web mapping applications. These applications can then be deployed to many different platforms, allowing you to "Build it once, deploy many!"
  • Workflow Designer - encapsulates functionality into reusable workflows to reduce redundant custom coding
  • Report Designer - provides the ability to build and manage highly useful and robust reports of many different forms
  • Core Elements - ensure security, efficient data linking, reporting & printing services, search, and more central functionality
  • Integration - with many different industry-standard methods and API's including REST web services, HTML5/Javascript, Silverlight, Flex, .NET, etc.
  • Viewers - pre-made for the primary supported API's including Mobile viewers that can work in offline mode
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