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“The InfoGeographics staff is thoroughly knowledgeable in all facets of the services they offer. They always find time to address even the smallest questions even in the midst of large projects. The staff always has a mind geared toward their customers and their customers never come away with less than a very positive experience. 

Jim and his staff are trusted as industry leaders and they never disappoint! We’re grateful to have come in contact with Jim and his intelligent and passionate employees.”
-Pete Schneider GISP, GIS/CAD Specialist, Holland Board of Public Works, Michigan

“The strength of InfoGeographics, and the reason that they’re at the top of our vendor list, is the professional staff. The expertise and experience of the staff is unsurpassed. InfoGeographics’ expertise spans a wide range of GIS-related activities, from building and maintaining a system and developing innovative software products, to training and consulting with our staff on a variety of different projects.”
-Bill Tyler, GIS Administrator, City of Livonia, Michigan

“Your products are extremely useful for anyone wanting to really get at the ultimate bottom-line of insuring the quantity and quality of their data.”
-Dan Kirwin, Marketing Training Representative, BS&A Software

“InfoGeographics assisted with data conversion and then provided Esri training to City personnel. The staff was extremely knowledgeable with the Esri products, and training was very thorough. The software transition was virtually seamless. We use GeoC to update our shapefiles for our GIS website. 

The greatest value is simplifying and automating these processes due to the fact that there are so many steps to update all files. Thanks for all you have done for us over the years. You have always been extremely knowledgeable and professional.”
-Sue Hoch, Senior System Analyst, City of Kalamazoo IT, Michigan

“My experience with InfoGeographics staff and services has been very positive. They’re thorough and were willing to work with us when we had a tight schedule. They rearranged their schedule where they could and put in the time necessary to get the project completed. If it were up to me, we would work with InfoGeographics exclusively. We’re looking forward to working with them again.”
-John Pickard, GIS Administrator, Cherryland Electric Cooperative, Michigan

“The experience Racine County had with InfoGeographics was exemplary from the very beginning planning stages through the final implementation of the database. Communication was great and every staff member that we worked with was very professional, qualified and caring! 

It was one of the smoothest projects that I've experienced in my nearly 20 years at the county. We have employed InfoGeographics for additional 'one-on-one' training and soon will be purchasing their GeoConnector Software. I'm confident that we'll continue to receive their high quality of customer care.”
-Michael Sililch, GIS System Administrator (retired), Racine County, Wisconsin

"We were impressed by the fast response. The personal and professional attention that our proposed project received from them was impressive and set a very positive tone for us to consider hiring InfoGeographics. 

The company has a vast working knowledge of the Esri utility mapping software yet he was able to work with us down at our level and make it understandable for those of us at APC that were involved and eventually trained on how to use the software. 

We have been using the final product of our mapping project now for several months and everything has been working as advertised and planned. InfoGeographics remain available for questions on a moment’s notice by virtue of a phone call or e-mail message. I wouldn't hesitate to make the same choice of companies again going into another project of a similar nature.”
-Gary D. Graham, P.E., Engineering Director, Alpena Power Company

“Working with InfoGeographics has been highly rewarding. The staff members are very knowledgeable and personable. They work hard to help users work through problems by quickly answering questions. GeoConnector and the GeoC Equalizer Assessing Module are powerful tools. 

The County of Jackson has made significant changes in our workflow as a result. We have been able to publish geographic datasets to the public, identify data inaccuracies in the GIS and assessing databases and improve customer relationships.”
-Steve Timbrook, GIS Analyst (former), Jackson County, Michigan

"InfoGeographics is in the business of providing GIS consulting support and expertise - period. They stake their reputation behind what they do and know that people within the GIS community share their positive experiences with InfoGeographics. 

My colleagues, who are clients of the company, always speak highly of their project successes and seem to want others to know about the thoroughness of their service delivery. When I need a second opinion they’re willing to share their recent experiences and current perspectives using today's resources/techniques. 

The staff is always prompt and complete in responding to my requests for information without delay and always follow through. GeoConnector is a valuable resource to assist in managing attribute data on a timely, orderly basis where less user intervention is required to keep attribute data current. 

InfoGeographics support is very responsive and the ability to speak with the programmer who writes the software usually allows the user to identify the solution to a problem immediately. Their ability to troubleshoot and resolve a challenge with the software when integrating our County's data in minutes rather than waiting for a "representative to contact you at their convenience" is a major plus."
-Chris Blough, GIS Manager, City of Novi, Michigan

"We have been working on several projects including a Mr. Sid conversion and a conversion from an AutoCad file to an Esri Geodatabase with InfoGeographics and their work has always been first rate."
-David Taylor, Deputy City Assessor, City of Jackson, Michigan

"All through the process from installation to setting up different database connections and exports, your staff was always there to help. When I ran into some small bugs they were taken care of immediately. I have never worried about not receiving the help that I've needed. I've made several calls for support and have always received the answers that I needed."
-Bill Sauer, GIS Manager, MIS Department, City of Rochester Hills, Michigan
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“Working with the staff at InfoGeographics is a pleasure. 

They provided guidance for our geodatabase migration and updated an internal mapping program, when our programming resources were stretched thin. 

They are a top notch firm, who can deliver on their promises.”
-Ann Burns, GIS Coordinator, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
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